please empty your brain below


Also - Village People fans want to know. You went west. Was life peaceful there?

I love your blog. A daily dose of something interesting.

Oh go on, do it again ...

OI! Don't call that footbridge non-descript. It's very interesting indeed. At least I think it's that footbridge that's very interesting.

If you follow the cycle path up towards the Mylett Arms, there's a church that's around 600 years old.

West is where the sun sets.

Only 3 Cardinal and 4 Half-Cardinal Points to go.........or does your GPS only work in one direction.
Great Idea with the Live Blogging and all.

Don't despair- you could always get a job in Houston in P.R. to explain how/why the next satellite got lost

What a well researched answer to a query. Great stuff.

"Don't trust maps" got it in one, there! The most untrustworthy I have come across so-far (making Nicholson's streetfinder look like a prize publication) were those published in the USSR. City maps often had different sections of the same map at different scales, with no indication, in fact, that this was the case. My map of Odessa makes a 1km stretch or so of the old city centre (grid pattern streets) cover pretty much appear as though it is the same distance as a 10km stretch from the city centre to the northern suburbs). Needless to say, it does strange things to the shape of the coastline too...

V. interesting stuff, btw, diamond

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