please empty your brain below

that whole post was exhuasting, exciting and inspirational.

Two things I note from your GEoblogging line:

1. You took fewer photos the further you got from home.

dg writes: my batteries were running out, and I wanted to be sure to have enough juice left for the Hoover building at the end.

2. The line appears to be slightly rising (ie: not totally west?)... this I don't understand.

dg writes: I was wondering if this is because true north is not (quite) the same as grid north. Anybody know?

"This task took me a couple of hours to complete"

I don't know what to say...

Thank you!

This is a really inspiring post. I have always wanted to photographically document my area because things change so quickly even in the countryside. Now I have the techologoy to do it in an organised, catalogued, train-spottery sort of way which appeals to me.

The only oddity I can think of is that presumably the geotags are the location of where the photographer was rather than where the picure is. For true accuracy you would need to add direction of shot and "range" to allow for huge telephoto lenses.

I will doing lots more reading up on this.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Another thought - when will we have digi-cameras available that have a bult in GPS to tag the shots automatically.

Geotagging is very easy to do if you are running Firefox. You need to run the Greasemonkey addon in Firefox, then install the Flickr Geotag script (look under scripts on the Greasemonkey page).
This will then add a new link on your Flickr page to geotag an image. Pop in a postcode, select enter and locate the exact spot on the googlemap that comes up. Very quick to do and it also updates your Flickr comments with a Geotag link at the same time.

Good lord I'm impressed.

That might just be the cleverest thing I have ever seen.

You could also try something new and buzzwordy using google maps with the help of this site: here is a nice example with the BBC's traffic cams

There are a few GP capable digicams in the wild, can't think of any off had though, I guess its the uber expensive ones.DG : yo're a genious. Just to shw you I practice what I preach, check my photos out,\\%

Impressive and seemingly too difficult for my feeble talents.

NiC quotes dg's wise words back: "I was wondering if this is because true north is not (quite) the same as grid north. Anybody know?" and then NiC says...

That was all I could think of too

..but it would be good if someone could confirm it.

Wow. Amazing.
I've been using geobloggers and i am used to the clutter of pictures over the map. When I saw your line my jaw dropped.
It reminds me of the work of Richard Long and other Land Artists.

Not so much to do with photos, but geoblogging never the less. I have written a blogging portal at that allows you to geocode your individual blog postings. Not so cool in and of itself, but the cool part is that I have also allowed people to subscribe to an rss feed based on a physical location, like you could subscribe to a prk, or your campus or something like that. It's cool, check it out if you would.

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