please empty your brain below

Very interesting!

Excellent pictures DG.

Due North may be more interesting - via the dome and the lea industrial zone to waltham abbey. Wait a sec, didn't some bloke called Iain Sinclair already do that...?

dg writes: I wrote about a walk north/south from my house (near enough) when I took a trip along the Greenwich Meridian last October - see here.

another great idea well executed. Now, are there any compass directions you could reasonably try?

If there were any interesting sights going east then I might have considered it, but there's nothing much to see bar houses, houses, houses and the Ford motor plant.

hey the ford plant looks lovely when its all lit up at night...oh ok fair point guess you won't be coming down this way anytime soon. Loved the flickr slideshow, there were some great photos in there.

The originality, scope and delivery of this post: all were excellent.

Oh, one more thing: any chance of "Our man on the ground, Diamond Geezer" reporting on the recent/current massive East End fire?

dg writes: I saw the huge clouds of black smoke over Bromley-by-Bow as I was returning home after yesterday's walk, but I was too knackered to investigate further. BBC report here.

Cor blimey. Lovely set and your poor legs. Makes me want to go due East, apart from I'm pretty sure I'd get stck without a boat

You thought of geoblogging the pics? I can have a guess at some of the photos ad blog them. Gimme a shout.

Great post! (again)

It would be nice if you would supply a map for your walks. I tried to follow you on while you were walking but failed...

just come across the blog, great posts an interesting idea. The photo of pentonville rubber brought back memories as I used to work near there, from what I remember the shop contents are far less interesting than it's name.

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