please empty your brain below

Didn't we do well!

The UK tries too hard... we'll learn eventually. Or do we want to?

What a farce.
Would it be interesting to take out the former Eastern bloc countries and see what was left?

What a nightmare! I'm surprised that I lasted the 3+ hours...

Tactical voting sucks.

I'm glad that Ireland gave the UK some points. But where did RTÉ resurrect Dana from to read out the Irish televote?

I know things were running on a little but could the Beeb not have managed to hold on through the credits to the end of the reprise?

(I turned over to RTÉ to catch the remainder!)

At least Wogan was on fine form... I loved the references to 'granny'.

Athens it is then.

Good god...You're a Eurovision fan are you? It doesn't show!!!

I used to have a wine and twiglets due around here on Eurovision the days when we used to get in the top five.

These days it's a couple of gins and a packet of pork "scratchins" and then off to bed.

Watched it for the first time in years on end and was surprised how much fun it was, in a daft kind of way. The Greek girl was mad fit. Still turned the sound down though, as one does.
Wonder if all these tin-pot ex-Sov-bloc countries were so afraid of being invaded by their neighbours that they gave them max points?

I haven't watched this for years, though I find the voting process interesting if a tad predictable. We weren't that bad, we are just surrounded by sea and not other countries.

For The UK's lowest ever positions might one suggest one counts the UK position...from the bottom-up (ooer). 2003 was a real stand-out year for us. I hear a lot of people changed their star signs that year.

Oh, I'm now loving the winning song "My Number One"...

See it online at

Oh and click 'watch the video' beside the Greek flag.

Wasn't it a great night. I have to say I watched the contest on the dutch channel, both commentators where being bitches, but OHHH so funny.. two words: Bosnian boobies :D

Europe are reeeeeaaaaaaly not liking us at the moment are they.

I think it is basically good that all of Europe can get together for a good knees up singing crap songs once a year.
If you think of it as a group of old friends having a good old Karyoke session and voting at the end for the 'best cleavage' then you have it.
Good fun, but not to be thought about the next morning and would you bother to tape a karyoke session in case something was worth listening to again?

Spain never used to give points to the UK over the Gibraltar thing. Has anything changed yet?

To be fair, Greece hates its neighbours and the neighbours hate Greece. I strongly do \\_not\\_ think they voted for Greece because it was Greece, more a shared musical heritage thingummy. But everyone likes English-language pop music; can we not get the Spice Girls to do it next year?

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