please empty your brain below

Is there anyway we can wangle it so they keep him?

The Senator was too good! I think he would make an excellent replacement for Jeremy Paxman.

Did he just come off lightly?

The senators were rubbish... they really need to do better.

the senator came across as a bit of a twit but admittedly i only saw the beginning.

Haven't seen any of this, but Mr Galloway makes a damn good point about the number of times he and Donald Rumsfeld have met the man. I'm sorry, but I do think it ridiculous trying to tar and feather George Galloway like this. It just comes across as desperate reaching.

I'm no Galloway fan, but I thought he was fantastic. It's about time someone pricked the Yanks bubble and told them a few home truths.

I am with Katherine and Noel on this one. it's a bit like the current US action against the soldiers who degraded and tortured the Iraqi prisoners. Correct me if I am wrong here but, as I recall, the camp commander gets demoted and the private goes to prison. This is exactly what the US are trying to do here. They spend years funding and arming Saddahm (not forgetting our role in that one) and are now trying to pick off individuals to divert attention from their global hypocrisy and warmongering.
George G might be the biggest bastard around (I really don't know enough about him), but he has 100\\% support from me in how he dealt with Paxman's asinine racist questioning and I am sure the US never expected him to go over and stand up to them.
All power to anyone with the guts to stand up and tell the Blair and Bush camps what the world really thinks about them.

He impressed a couple of Americans if my morning email box (doesn't sound as good as 'morning post bag' does it?) is anything to judge by...

Did anybody else watch the full 50 minute hearing, not just the soundbites?

George's opening oratory was excellent. However, he proved later that he just couldn't (or wouldn't) even attempt to answer awkward questions. Maybe that makes him the perfect politician, but I'd still happily swap him for any other MP with a less smug know-it-all attitude.

Does anybody else really care?

*Bad Witch, scurries off*

I still don't like the man, but was highly amused watching him bully the senators like that. Man, did they get more than they bargained for...

No, I haven't heard the the full 50 minutes, but my God, that opening statement (which I have read in full)is a staggeringly powerful piece of oration/polemic. Respect to him for that, if nothing else.

Re. the Paxman interview. Yes, dreadful question, dreadful insinuation - but that's what Paxman DOES, to everybody, and Galloway fielded it very poorly.

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