please empty your brain below

I too am a huge fan of The Apprentice and looking forward muchly to next week. End Day sounds excellent and am sad to have missed it. Hopefully they will show it on BBC1 or 2 soon.

I hope Tim wins - Saira will, no doubt, be back on TV with a gob like that.

At Ally Pally perchance? If so, I'll be there too.

Have fun, wherever it may be.

I agree with you about "The Line of Beauty". It is beautifully written and that pleasure overcame any flaws in the plot. Not all of his stuff is so well-written. Based on reading "The Line of Beauty", I bought some of his other stuff. I hated "the swimming pool library" but I liked "The Spell"

I've never watched the other two, but Doctor Who. Wow. I'm just at *that* age where although I can appreciate the history of the series, I don't ever actually remember watching it, therefore, I somehow appreciate the humour of Rose giving psychological counselling to a darlek.

I wanted James to win.

No prizes for guessing why.

I reckon that Saira will win. I don't think that Tim has got what it takes. I think he'll be putting on his nice blue uniform again soon.

Wasn't the Dalek superb - mean, grumpy, pissed off but strangely sad. And the update to make it chunkier has worked very well. The whole series has been everything you described it as, a revelation. The tone of last nights was the darkest yet, wait for complaints from bleeding heart moronic parents about the body count caused by the Dalek. Kind of missing the point aren't they......GJ

The Dalek episode was a belter. Chrissie Eccleston is mad to give it up.

Dalek episode = best yet. Stunning.

Glad you liked The Line Of Beauty, which I enjoyed immensely once I'd made it past the boule clocks, ormolu fronds and Madame de Pompadour's escritoire.

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