please empty your brain below

Ooh, and the new radio series starts next Tuesday!

Good to see a favourable review from a trusted source at last.... we're going at the weekend. I can look forward to it again now

I've always thought that Hitchhiker's Guide was only one step away from Terry Pratchett novels. Am I wrong?

Other way round, Le Bob. Douglas came first.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it after critics have been rather unenthusiastic. I can't wait to see it, we have tickets for the multiplex on Saturday night.
*suddenly feels about 16 going to the cinema on a Saturday night*

been looking forward to this for ages, but alas have to wait even longer - HHGG doesn't open here in Germany for another 6 weeks :-(

And when I go, I will be taking my team-mates along. The Ultimate frisbee team I play for was inspired by the Hithhikers story. This website is about 6 years out of date, and long before I joined them, but the upshot is that the average age of the team is indeed now 42, and the same old guys are (mostly) still playing!

[For more about Ultimate frisbee - the most fun you can have with your clothes on - see ]

(a) HitchHiker's Guide is brilliant.
(b) what's wrong with Terry Pratchett?

I loved the film...and Terry Pratchett is also a genius.

Ohhh might have to convince the boss to go see this tonight (we HAVE other plans but... it's been a long time coming this movie!).

I notice a certain Paranoid Android is missing... good or bad (or better/worse than the TV version).

Oh no, there is Marvin the Paranoid Android, voiced perfectly by Alan Rickman. There's even, in a cameo role, the original Marvin robot from the BBC TV series

Persoanlly I find Pratchett absolutely awful... far too full of himself clever-clever.

Hitchikers and Douglas Adams is, conversely, absolutely wonderful... very serious points raised with the utmost dry humour.

Well, let's not get into an argument about Terry Pratchett vs Douglas Adams. I'm a fan of both and I don't think they are in opposition. They are quite different styles and worlds. I would ask though NiC how long it is since you read any Terry Pratchett. Just because his style has changed a great deal throughout the series.

The film is genius. It was lovely to be so excited at the thought of going to see a film - and Adams (the new stuff and the old stuff) is exceptionally fine. Marvin's great, Martin Freeman is exceptional (and strangely cute), and Slartibartfarst is a joy to watch. What is/was best, though, is watching something that so many people feel just the same about... Very pleased you liked it, Diamond, and equally pleased that you've always been a fan, too...

Like you I was nervous of seeing the film after its loooong gestation - however, I agree that it is a good film but not a film of the books/radio/tv series.

This American will see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy this weekend as well. If I can get in - opening weekend lines at our 10-plex are long!

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