please empty your brain below

Wow.... I'm impressed. You'd nearly convinced me to work out when we could next go for a weekend but maybe I should try and do it in a day too.....though I'm not sure if you could do it so easily as a couple......

First is the only way to travel on Eurostar. Standard gets booked incredibly far in advance and the upgrades are so cheap. Plus, when you get stuck in south London for some reason or another, you have the free wine.

A bit off topic but something else to do on Saturday 4th June that would be right up your street DG, given your fascination with all aspects of London and particularly your home area. The Whitechapel Society meet on the first Saturday of every second month, in the upstairs room of the City Darts Pub on Commercial Street, at 7.30. At the June 4th meeting we have Professor Ifan Shepherd giving a talk on Charles Booth's poverty map of the East End, which sounds like exactly your kind of thing.

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