please empty your brain below

so, so far you've bought a pastry or two and a few tourist attraction tickets. are you saving the best till last? the sale at Lacroix? the original YSL Rive Guache shop? the CD bargains from the back street music shops in the Marais? the cartoon porn books from the newspaper stalls? dinner at the George V? a beer at McDonalds? how about a pic of you grinning in front of the mona lisa (arms outstretched keeping Japanese girls out of shot)?

I wouldn't hang around waiting for me to splash out on a tourist treat (apart from the train tickets). I'm just as bad at spending euros as I am spending pounds.

Bloody hell. You really got about in one day.

Took me several visits to do that lot

maybe i should accompany you next time. help you shed some of your hard earned euros on some preppy naf naf gear.

but that would be pointless as i forgot you lived so close to roman road market where naf naf and chipie still rule the stalls.

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