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can't wait. make sure you tell us your transport tips for getting to the six thirty four train (did you walk?).

No I didn't walk to Waterloo. Thankfully Transport for London still run the DLR and tube before 0530 (at least until the late-night clubbing crowd persuade them otherwise).

I went to Paris on my honeymoon in April 1961. We caught a coach from Victoria to some godforsaken airfield in Kent, then crossed the channel in a smallish plane, through a thunderstorm as we reached the French coast, with eye-level lightning out of the window.
We landed at an equally godforsaken French airfield once the sheep had been cleared out of the way, and ran from the plane to the building, dodging marble-sized hailstones.
Best part of the journey was the coach trip to Paris in bright sunshine. Due to extensive flash flooding the driver had to divert through sleepy little villages where the local paysans gawped as we sailed past.
The fare was a cheap package deal...

My Fiancé and I got engaged on the balcony of the Paris Hilton in November last year. It was my first visit to Paris, and I have to say, I was very impressed with the city. He proposed to me at exactly 11pm, when the twinkling lights started on the Eiffel Tower.

Only one thing put me off going back - the driving. We were so frightened going back to the Gare Du Nord in the taxi for our return train journey that we paid the taxi driver almost double for getting us there alive.

Did you run out of places to visit in London then?

Grief - I've just looked at the photostream - you didn't hang about, did you? Most people spend a weekend doing that much!

Yes, but most visitors waste a lot of their time in Paris on shopping, eating and sleeping.
I had no time for that!

Spent a year in Paris while doing my degree, then lived there for a few months after. Love the place.

Dear Diamond Geezer.
I was very interested by your blog about your journey in Paris. What a courage : 10 hours walk in Paris. and a very positive open mind and a great sens of humour. As a Parisian, I am happy to read this point of view.
Thank you.

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