please empty your brain below

Priti Patel. I'd like it to be Johnson, because I think he's now an electoral liability.
Michael Gove - on the naive assumption the Tories will pick someone who has a chance of winning the next election so choose someone who is vaguely competent and not a complete right wing loon.
Sajid Javid
Someone else altogether. We hadn't seen May or J_hnson coming,so expect chaos followed by who knows?
Hugely depends on how the next month turns out. If the whole country (NHS, schools, shops etc) does grind to an Omicron-induced halt, Johnson will be out before the end of January.
If not, well, the electorate was happy enough to vote for him despite his 2 previous sackings for lying, so why would they care about more of the same?
A run-off between Hunt and Gove, with Gove becoming PM. The words "pan" "fire" and "frying" spring to mind, not necessarily in that order...
Steve Baker. Turns the country into a hard-right quasi theocracy. London declares independence.
Someone else as Hunt may have a chance, as the "I wasn't there for any of Covid" candidate
Anyone else
I think Johnson will go after the local elections in May and someone completely left-field (hard right-field?) will replace him. Steve Baker?!
Will Hunt get blamed for the state the NHS was in before covid struck?

Will anybody trust Gove enough to not stab them in the back

I hope for Starmer, but probably Rishi.
Richard Holden.
Johnson will resign before the summer recess and over the summer period there will be a lot of infighting and rejection of populist politics.

Holden will be put forward as a uniting candidate, protecting Tory gains in the North, isn't from Eton and will be portrayed as a people's man.
Jacob Rees-Mogg.

You can get 50/1 at the bookmakers, even 66/1 at some of them. Have a bang on that.
The Tory party has a history of throwing up unknowns into power

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