please empty your brain below

tony and his cronies appear to be very wise indeed in sidelining the smiling cherie until after the party is over (whatever the outcome)

maybe the major tv channels could prepare a sort of PARENTAL/EXPLICIT advisory warning of some sort to give us fair warning to protect the young and infirm from accidentally gazing on her unashamed display of "post-election-widemouthfrog-grinningness"

The poor woman... when will she realise that she should not smile! I saw her once not smiling and she was a nice looking woman.

Tessa Jowell    dg says: Oops, amended it...

Cherie is one of very many people who look much much better in the flesh.

I look best on TV, and then in the flesh, and worst in photos.

actually, i think i'd prefer it if london didn't get the games. money could be better spent on infrastructure for real communities - not just on a bunch of 'athletes' who'd be there for a fortnight or so.

anyhow, london is still *the* city. it doesn't need the olympics to continue to shine.

Gert, I look better in the dark.

dg, I sincerely hope you're right about Paris. We can go to London any time, but why go when the infrastructure will be collapsing under the weight of tourists at Olympic time? Far better to have an excuse to go to Paris, which will be coping much better. IMHO.

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