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I like the stylish pot it's growing in... looks like an old dustbin!

*You* went to Kew?
Wonders will never cease

We had one of those in Cambridge recently. They kept the Botanic Gardens open all night, and there were long queues (the most civilised and battily knowledgeable queue I've ever been in). By the time I got there, the pong had gone - it doesn't last long. You can see it on video here: CU Botanic Garden WebCam. It was only a little one, as these things go, but pretty impressive.

Love the random mixture of imperial, metric and archaic measurement systems used. It is about half a fathom in diameter as well by the looks of it.

On a more practical note, I think you can get to Kew quite conveniently by Tram - that is if you are starting in the right place.

To get to Kew by tram, you'd need to have started in 1950

I thought the new thing down Croydon way went that sort of direction - must admit I haven't used it, hearsay only.

Kew rocks!

OK, I admit: I am a little biased. I grew up nearby and went very often as a child. (Back when entry was 1p.) At school I had a friend whose dad was the orchid man there. He actually lived inside the gardens, which meant I was able to visit when they were closed to the public, and we had the whole place to ourselves to play in (except of course the odd gardener or two).

Also, I was married there back in 2003, the year it was designated a world heritage site. (Coincidence? Pah! It was our wedding wot swung it. *ahem*) If anyone's thinking of getting hitched and needs a venue, I'd definitely recommend it.

Yep, entrance to Kew Gardens only cost a penny the last time I went. At least that was one new penny and not one old penny.

It was still 1p in 1984.
The year I got told off for sunbathing topless there...

Eek! That thing's a Triffid! Hope you stood well back before it took a swipe at you with its tongue.

Nice one, Diamond!

i forgot to bring it home but, the back page of the blackpool gazette last saturday said "diamond geezer". is that comma in the right place?

If you go later in the day you can get a reduced price entrance fee, but still way more than a penny unfortunately (is the season ticket still recouped in 3/4 visits?). Good old South West Trains can take you there too (run down station and not the most reliable service but eh...). Love the place in the autumn, with so many species of trees the colours are great but haven't been for a few years.

Hi DG.

As it's an Indonesian plant, I posted about the titan arum (aka Raffleasia) last year. Once again, thanks for today's link.

Oh, and lucky you. I've yet to see a bloomin' one in its natural state even though I know where to look.


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