please empty your brain below

Well, just to prove your point, Mr BW and I were in Brick Lane last night at around 6.30pm and had no idea that anything had gone on just 3 hours earlier. Jolly nice curry we had too

And then there were the death threats... seems to be turning into a bit of a circus round your way.

Is Hell's Kitchen still being filmed in Brick Lane? I know the first one was because myself and a couple of friends decided to do the pleb thing and go up there one night to watch the celebs coming out after we'd had a very nice ruby at the Monsoon. If the new one is, I'm surprised the Labour types didn't muscle in there instead to do a "look how in touch with the common man we are" thing.

Bow is proving to be the only 'highlight' of the campaign so far. 5 Live feature it every day, although more from a 'something wicked this way comes' angle.

Otherwise the past two weeks really have been a turn off.

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