please empty your brain below

You might have the place where he wrote the dictionary, but up in Lichfield they have Dr Johnson's birthplace and it sounds pretty similar to the London D Johnson's house. It's a really good example of a 3 storey town house of the period, which has volunteers with a wealth of knowledge about the town and Dr J.

If you fancy a visit it's in the main market square opposite Dorothy Perkins, 'round the corner from the mediaeval spired Lichfield cathedral.

I worked almost round the corner from Dr Johnson's house for two years without going in there. Oops. Will rectify immediately.

THanks DG, I'm finding this 'series' absolutely intriguing. I've moved to London recently and you've given me loads of inspiration.

Have you been to the brunel Engine house in Rotherhide?
It all about the first tunnel
under the thames.

I also worked round the corner from Dr J's house without going in there. Wonder whether it was the same company as Katherine.

DG: I recommend you visit the Hunterian Museum, 34-35 Lincoln's Inn Fields. It has a dark secret, apparently.

Wouldn't it better if they sold proper cigars in the gift shop. After all, WSC was not known as a lover of chocolate cigars.

They should sell whisky, too. He was pissed most of the time.

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