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Whatever happened to Edinburgh?

It's a suburb of Dunfermline apparently. Actually it's just that we're so fabulous we don't need to advertise. Along with the likes of Derby, Nottingham and Leicester apparently. Meanwhile Heanor and Newark-on-Trent need all the publicity they can get.

Probably the first time Louth is considered more worthy of placing on the map than Lincoln.

It does get better when you zoom in though I must ask what happened to the two overground railway stations in West Hampstead?

It chops off most of Scotland - and no, I'm not laughing. Honestly I'm not.

Plus - I think the bloke who compiled it must have relatives in Diss and Heanor - wherever they are.

My parents live near Diss, they'll be pleased.

But there's no excuse for Braintree!

And just how many layers down is Oxford?

A route planning service is also available through Google Maps. I was very pleased to find that my commute (Stamford Hill to Russell Square) should only take 9 minutes by car. That's definitely worth paying a congestion charge...

Gateshead, but no Newcastle. Until you get a few layers down, then Newcastle appears but Gateshead disappears. Ditto Middlesbrough.

The Grauniad reports on this today
"...The Google Local service is currently in trial mode and some early users have reported that the maps - produced by US companies Navteq and TeleAtlas - can sometimes be misleading or wrong. However, Google is dealing with these teething issues."

It's not just the maps though. Tried searching for "afc wimbledon" and got some very strange results...

Manchester and Liverpool are in the wrong typeface.

I'll repeat a comment I left at Sashinka

Well, I put in my Postcode and it incorrectly placed me on the South Circular (My postcode is shared with just 3 other houses)

I then put in my address with and without house number and it failed. Neither streetmap or multimap can cope with the street name (which is unadopted) but use the postcode with pinpoint accuracy, and show the outline of the road, as does the A-Z. So much for satellite imaging, actually missing a road, albeit unadopted.

Who's nicked the Channel Islands?

I love the way braintree is there, but neither chelmsford nor colchester are.

Mmm - Wales obviously has no towns of any importance. Oh, no, three layers up, there's Llandrindod Wells and Pembroke. No sign of the capital, Cardiff, until the fourth layer of mapping.
Tried to put in the postcode for work. Apparently I work in the building site down the road. No wonder my shoes always look so muddy!

Eeh, that's proper shite that is.

Newark and Heanor, but not Nottingham?
Huntingdon bu not Cambridge?
Braintree but not Chelmsford?

The list goes on!

Syon Lane station is in the middle of a field.

No trace of France. But then, that's not all bad, is it?

Quin, that's not a field, its Syon Park, thought really the name of the station might have given them a clue that it was on Syon Lane.

Shouldn't there be some sort of thick line in between Scotland and England?

Oh! And I just zoomed right out! The Earth looks fantastic!

Why Show Dumbfries (of all place) and not show Edinburgh the most beautiful city of the UK. (ohh no bias ofcourse koff koff i should do something about me coughing.)

No Portsmouth? Even when you zoom in one layer?

It's the 200th anniversary of sticking it to the French at Trafalgar this year, but I don't believe the fleet sailed from Hayling Island?

I know it's Syon Park; I've been there. I can assure you, it's a field Admittedly, a field with a big Georgian house in, but it's a field. It's got cows, it's definitely a field.

No Reading either. But that's a good thing.

Give the Google guys a chance, guys

You getting paid by Google DG? All this free testing, they'll love it.

I hope Edinburgh reappears though, us Scottish Bloggers are getting together soon it'll be a real bugger if it's not there.

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