please empty your brain below

What, you'd been up and down there by 9am?
No, I thought not

Diamond, if you've never seen the view from Primrose Hill before, I bet you haven't seen that from Dollis Hill either? (The top north end of Gladstone Park NW2 - Dollis Hill House is where G. lived once, but it's currently being restored after the attentions of vandals). Probably worth a visit, maybe. The view is great - a bit west of centre, but down to Trellick Tower and Battersea Power station on a clear day...

Click on the word 'Paddock' in tomorrow's post for evidence that I have indeed been up Dollis Hill. Well, underneath it, in fact.

Go and plant a primrose. They spread.

Apologies. And I do remember reading that. I'll be quiet now.

No need to be quiet - this isn't a memory test

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