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Yes DG, I'll be logging on to after 1900 this evening for the details of the new OCC40 - including download data.

You'll notice that I haven't said that I'll be tuning in to BBC Radio 1 to actually listen...

Interesting info there on the Gorillaz - a loophole which will no doubt be exploited more and more until the rules get changed in a more sensible direction. It just seems daft that - whatever you think of their merits - hugely popular current "hits" from Snoop Doog/Justin Timberlake and The Caesars (both in last week's download-only top 20)aren't yet permitted to chart.

Most of tunes going back up were, as I suspected, stuff that the older trendy-dad download demographic could appreciate. Nothing wrong with that, either. As a result, I'm expecting The Caesars to hang around for a long time in the new chart...

Older trendy dad? I downloaded the Caesars track... doh!

Elvis HEATHEN :-(

I think I must be the only person in the country who hasn't heard Road to Armadillo. Am I really missing much?

I'm sorry, did you just describe that Razorlight track as a "good indie record"? What the hell is INDIE about it exactly? Or are they signed to a different Universal Records?

Anyway, I think the chart might actually get back to being representative. Now, what say the next Iron Maiden track romps to number one on the back of huge download sales? (Hey they did it once...)

I fink DG is using the term "indie" in its widely used guise to describe a musical genre rather than the economics of the record label

Would you prefer "indie-ish"?

I think you'll find that all Elvis tracks plus a few he didn't even realise he had recorded are available from Napster etc

Apparently Elvis sold 26,024 real copies last week, but only 79 downloads!

I wonder if the itunes free download of the week will ever make the top 40?

Um, I have 26 Elvis mp3s on my hardrive...

No Donna, because downloads have to be paid for and permanent (not streamed) in order to qualify.

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