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Journeys by NightBus usually turn out to be nightmares...

But that's what you get for doing the pub-lic transport thing!

Yes - snoggers, alcohol, kebabs and those bloody mobile phones can certainly make one's journey less than 100\\% enjoyable but... least you have night buses in your town, DG.

Here in sunny NI, there ain't no such thing as a night bus.


dg writes: Yes, I know I'm dead lucky having night buses, but it would be even better to have a night bus system that actually worked.

Take the empty nightbus a few stops the other way and get on to be sure of getting a seat.

dg writes: ...except that, in this case, riding back to the start of the route would add another 40 minutes to my journey and it would actually be quicker to walk home.

Did you have a good night out despite the night bus?

Its even worse in the provincial cities like Leeds - its mainly taxis and not enough of those. Minicab drivers will try to bid up the price to twice or 3 times the normal cost.

And if you drive - desperate taxi flaggers will throw themselves in front of your vehicle.

Best bet is to stay in! Or only go out to walking distance places!

dg writes: Much as I love Bow, there's really nowhere within walking distance where it would be worth spending the evening.

So where'd you go? A post at 4 am...

yes, 'fess up mr 'I never go out me' dg

but whats the choice - at least if you get on the bus you are moving in a homeward direction - the alternative is to try and flag down a licensed hackney carriage (which is about as likely as LibDems winning the general election) or play russian roulette with an unlicensed miniscab

thank god for the n139 you can always rely on that one

You missed the 'why must there be an obligatory moody c*** whose sole purpose it is to pick a fight once he's boarded?'. The N91 is a horrible experience. I try and feign sleep whenever I have to catch it.

If all they were doing was hold hands and gaze at each other chances are they will see each other again.

Oh for a daybus round here...

I'd just like them to run the tube all night. Is that so hard? I'd wait 15 minutes between trains happily if there was a tube.

I have 2 night bus options out near me in Harrow, but both of them are still a 20-25 minute walk from the bus stops to my house. So I just tend not to bother staying out past midnight. And it's especially annoying when only about 1 in 4 buses on the route goes the full journey in one go. Get night bus, stops 2/3 of the way, everyone has to get off and wait in the cold for the next one which also stops there, etc, until an hour later when circulation has ceased does the bus which will take you almost but not quite home. Grr.

And, oh yes dg. Aliens of London? What did you think? Big Ben go Boom.

The N9 has in my experience been O.K. Even on a Friday night, it has seldom been crowded and there are usually no nutters on board.

Try getting an N29 or N279 home at the weekend. Unless you get on before Tottenham Ct Rd you'll be in a cattle-crush situation at least as far as Finsbury Park. And always the company of an alcohol-'empowered' nutter or three to pass the minutes by :D.

Actually, don't.

Leaving Tottenham police station one night I was distracted by an N279 which screeched to a halt outside, with its alarm screaming trying to alert the officers inside to what looked from a distance like a free-for-all upstairs.

Night buses! Fun for all the family!

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