please empty your brain below

Yeah but... A lot of them I used to dance to, but E had a lot to do with it: you'd dance to a passing police siren or a phone ringing, on E... (Or so I'm told).


Pity the "Download here" button, when clicked, tells me that the service is "temporarily unavailable".

Couple in there I don't recognise from the name, and I'd question "Kiss Me" but looks like a killer listing Sir!

Were you by any chance born in the sixties? Great list.

Suspciously my download didn't work either ... and I only came here today for the free CD ;(

Though if you really want to boost weekend traffic you need to heavily advertise throughout the week that there will be a free CD on Saturday.

Well, it downloaded fine for me. Playing it now. Excellent selection. I'm not so sure about the uncredited tracks by unknown artists that you've stuck on the end though.

dg, truly you have mastered the art of the compilation - mostly good tunes but with a touch of filler.

disc one >

big stars for "situation", "the safety dance", "relax", "kiss me", "pump up the volume", "voodoo ray", "rhythm is a mystery" and "joy"...

disc two >

big stars for "hold that sucker down", "hideaway" and "drop the pressure"...

nul points for "sunchyme"...

i'm actually surprised that your 'licensing' agreements didn't allow for the inclusion of the wonderful "at night" by shakedown...

does a career at sonyBMG or universal linger on the horizon? why not, i say!

sod the free cd - i just like playing with that clear gooey plasticky stuff that you peel off the magazine cover and roll into a little ball

I like 'Kiss Me' and the line 'Kiss me with your mouth' like what did you expect, your left knee? But a quality record.

OT Quartet superb. Wasn't that Rollo?

And as for De'Lacy and Hideaway. Probably one of the finest dance chewns ever produced!

When will the download be available?

Sorry about Dario G, but I agonised over 1997 and couldn't find anything better. Surely there must have been a proper dance choon out that year?

Oh yes, DG, there *were* some good danceable songs out that year.

I'm thinking that

* "Free" by Ultra Naté ;

* "Block Rockin' Beats" by The Chemical Brothers;

all fit the 'good' category.

If you want supacheesy, what about "Who Do You Think You Are?" by those naughty Spice Girls?

** cheesy grin thang **

regarding 1985 *claim to fame*
Our dinner lady at Junior school was Stephen tin Tin Duddy's grandma.

You bastard.

I'm a cheapskate where music is concerned, so I clicked the 'Download' button and .....

What I'd really like to know is if your choice of music is really worth listening to. I don't know any of the tracks later than 1988 ~ I've been in Jakarta that long.

Ho hum.

OK, you've persuaded me that I could have done a lot better than Dario G for 1997 - and I do now much prefer the replacement track.

Great idea (even if it didn't download). Love the lists although the only title I'd heard of was the one by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. OK, I know I'm showing my age. I'm off to put a Correlli concerto on the gramophone now, followed by some Jethro Tull...

dg, 'avalon' by juliet is rather good...

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