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I wonder why what we made as kids and called 'fairy cakes' have now super-sized and are called muffins?

...who lives in Drury Lane?

I do. And it's not only Londis that sells the prepackaged Muffins, the late night convenience shop (very tiny and easily missable) just north of the Long Acre junction also has a selection of prepackaged Cherry muffins.

The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, is London's oldest theatre, albeit having been rebuilt three times since the original opening in 1663. It was opened by Thomas Killigrew who was awarded one of two licenses granted for theatres in 1660 after the restoration (theatre was banned during the Cromwell years). The other theatre was built in Covent Garden. This was because the terms of the license prohibited the theatres being built within the limits of either the City of London or the City of Westminster, so they were built on the small strip of land which sat between the two.

Sorry, Theatre major, wrote a paper on this for uni and wanted to show off my little bit of knowledge!

back to the muffins then. i think the reason you see more american style muffins is because they are 'ready to eat' whereas the english muffin *must* be toasted. i can get both types in my supermarket but if i'm out and about and fancy an english muffin then i'd have to have a toaster and a pat of butter in my bag. in the this crazy speeded up world we live in the english muffin was never going to be able to compete with the enlarged fairy cake that you can eat while trolling up and down drury lane taking notes and pictures.

I worked for Sainsbury's for over 30 years at both Stamford Street and Holborn and can confirm that the original Drury Lane shop was open and trading right into the 70s, maybe even the early 80s. If the current vogue for small city centre stores had started a little earlier it might even have still been open as a 'Local' - shame

They have just added US style muffins to our canteen. They are called SPUNKmeiers, nice.....not sure what they taste of but I can take a wild guess

sorry, it is now called a restaurant. Strangely in our other site in Lincoln they still have a canteen, northerners huh, we are so much more sophistcated down here

I've had that muffin man song going round my head for days now. I blame you, dg.

(After conveniently glossing over the fact that either me or the missus sings it to our 8-month old daughter at least once a day.)

the spunkmeier muffins are very good. very moist (!). much better than the fabulous baking boys attempts.

Otis Spunkmeier! Those white bits ain't marshmallows... no wonder the bleeder's smiling.

Sorry to lower the tone (further?) but the subject matter reminds me of some graffiti I remember reading on the wall of a pub toilet in Finsbury Park:

Q. Is Muffin the Mule a sexual offence?

A. No, but Dobbin the Horse is!

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