please empty your brain below

Mac the Knife - Robbie Williams (and hundreds of other various artists)

MacBurger & Blackhead - Ain't no stoppin' us now

"McMurder on the dancefloor" covered by Pattie Smith

McMuffin the Mule - Old McDonald had a coronary

Does 'my Big Mac tastes like sh*t' still count as a name-check?

Kirsty McDonald - There's a Guy works down the chip shop....

Swinging Blue Jeans - Hippy Hippy Milkshake

Barry Microwave - Cola Copbana

Stevie Wonderloaf - You are the apple pie of my eye
*caution: filling may be hot*

Grills Aloud - I'll stand by you
with a bucket, mop and hygiene spray.

OK I'll stop now

Michael McDonald - "Higher Ground Beef"

Flabbigan & Allen - "Underneath the Arches"

Ice Cube did it fifteen years ago - let me quote from 'Bird in the Hand' -

Always knew that I would boycott, jeez
but welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order please
Gotta sell ya food that might give you cancer
cuz my baby doesn't take no for an answer...

Isn't Gary Barlow, late of Takeaway That, an advert for staying away from your local MaccyD's?

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