please empty your brain below

I have seen the first ten minutes of the first episode, 'Rose'. Scary-ish but it looks quite interesating and I will be organising my BBQ around it tonight.

I AM NOT a Doctor Who nerd. Just interested.

Congratulations, DG, on your first trip to my hometown of Ealing. Of course, much of the Broadway was destroyed in the bomb a few years ago, so it's not exactly as it was in the show. But (if I'm guessing right) your pictures are of M&S, and that old building's been there for donkey's aeons.

Lots of stuff gets filmed in Ealing, because the council has preferential rates for filmmakers and also because of the studios, which are ten minutes' walk from where you were the other day. The Bill and The Fast Show are just two things that regularly were shot in Ealing.

Another one used to be C5 soap Family Affairs. That was filmed in the house opposite mine until the scriptwriters blew the entire cast up and started again in Ruislip.

If you could just photograph what's in the shop windows every week you could save me a trip to the shops myself.

Did you buy anything?

Yes, may I echo Quin's congratulations on your first visit to my neck of the woods. Now I was out and about doing unexciting shopping last Saturday, so I should have kept a lookout for you.

Anyway, yes, the mannequins in M&S are bloody scary - even at Christmas, as I suggested in a couple of these photos a while back. I'm sure they're alive. Sure of it.

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