please empty your brain below

hoover > tesco .... V.SAD

harsh as it may sound i think i would rather see this fantastic piece of architecture demolished or left to dereliction than suffer this hideous transformation into a nook and corner of the new consumerist barbarism

For some reason, when I'm halfheartedly looking for somewhere to move to, people keep suggesting Perivale to me. I don't quite know what that says about what their impression is of me.

I am quite impressed that exists. Yay for them, eh?

I always liked that the classic series* began and ended in anonymous London streets. I saw the Late Review review of the new series and the American on the panel said it "wouldn't travel" (i.e. it's too British) which makes me hopeful for tomorrow teatime.

*Since it's unlikely to convince people to call the new series "season 27", I'd rather have "classic series" than the dread "the original series".

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