please empty your brain below

There is a religious way of doing it as well, I cant remember what it is, but they always agree.

Fantastic. I was thinking of doing this on my blog on Sunday, and now you've stolen the thunder. But done it rather better than I would. Thanks DG!

I think a few of those sites transcend geeky and fall under pedantic or just a little creepy. Except for the last one, of course!

Easter's always better this time of year....only because i work for the local Council & we get paid on the 20th of the month, so I have some dosh in the old sky to go away for a few days...
(Belgium watching Dulwich Hamlet under 13's & under 18's in a tournament about six miles past Ostend in case you're weren't??)

I will be 68 before I experience Easter on my birthday....

I will never experience Good Friday on my birthday as there is 451 years between each date!!!

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