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So you're not David Jason then?

An actor of great versatility. You missed his portrayal of Ted Simcock in Yorkshire TV's series "A Bit Of A Do" with Gwen Taylor and Nicola Paget in 1989. Hilarious.

dg writes: I've added it, ta

I came here expecting to find a guide to David Jason. It's good not to be disappointed.

1955 - The amdram group he was a member of is 'Incognito' in Friern Barnet.

Their awful website is at

I think I may wait until next weekend, when it's apt, to say:

He truly is the son of blog.

i read that david 'white' changed his surname to 'jason' because his twin brother, who sadly died at a very young age, was named 'jason'.

i may be wrong though. it wouldn't be the first time.

I read that somewhere, zed.
I also read that he chose 'Jason' after his favourite film - Jason and the Argonauts.
I suppose they could both be true.

Heartwarming and totally unrealistic - all in all the perfect ITV Sunday night drama.

A complete history of David Jason's work is available at IMDB, a truly invaluable tool for those as detailed as you, DG.

I spotted that programme but completely forgot to watch (or record) it. But then my brain probably realised that it was yet another piece of Sunday night TV that I can well afford to miss.

GREAT title though!

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