please empty your brain below

ah DG, are you following in Blue Witch's "masterchef heats" footsteps?

I think the pink custard was just hot blancmange, either that or custard with food colouring.

It never tasted any different to the common yellow variey, whereas the green variety was decidedly minty, although all came with ubiquitous lumps.

I'm sure that when I ate this sort of food the recipes would have been in pounds and ounces, gallons and pints.

wot no links!!

Personally I'd like to know where DG got these recipes... because I suspect it's not the sort of thing he'd know about

You wouldn't believe how hard they were to find...

....but,but, you forgot my favourite! Macaroni cheese! Remember that? Pasta boiled to within an of its life (who'd heard of al dente back then?) And white sauce....oh, and a bit of cheese.

You forgot Lemon Meringue Pie. There was always a queue for the toilets to be sick after it. Personally I think they used lemon scented soap for the filling.

I *like* lemon meringue pie. Although maybe not the school version.

I like it if its made properly. But it was years before I could look at one.

Am I the only one thinking some of the amounts are a bit on the small side for large-scale school catering? The chocolate concrete, for instance, would serve about 4. Unless, of course, you're accurately predicting the resulting popularity of the pudding. Or maybe it's that the portions are tiny...

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