please empty your brain below

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig duit, a DG.

Is aoibheann liom an tráth na gceist. Maith thú!


No 7: Jesus was Irish.
Let's look at the evidence:
.Never married
.Lived with parents until 29
.Always telling stories
.Went out drinking with the lads on his last night
.Thought his mother was a virgin
.Mother thought he was saviour of the world
.Last request was a drink

Now,can you name that Paddy?

And a Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too DG.

Unfortunately I'm not with my Irish Mother this year, which is a bit of a shame, and certainly doesn't feel the same not being around a host of Irish people. But there's always next year.

Now, go out and drink copious amounts of Guinness

Gosh a quiz.

Wish I knew what that pop up box said - something about Lucky Seven?

erk green geezer, yikes

happy St Paddies day to you too

If I were American, I'd demand to be counted as Irish, due to an Irish great-grandfather (or possibly great-great...I forget which but he came to Scotland during the Potato Famine) but I'm not so...ah, let's have a beer anyway.

i'm a quarter oirish so that's a good excuse to have a drink tonight.

happy st. paddie's day, DG

I'm a 16th Irish! Does that make me Irish-English? Or Irish-British?

Me dear old Daddy, bless his heart, came over from the Auld Sod to the mainland back in '37. He's off to a village dance where he meets the lovely girl who's after being me Mammy.
"Ah, I reckon you've a bit of Oirish in ye!" says the Daddy.
"Oh, and I have not," says the Mammy.
"Would you like some?" says he.

Sorry. Sometimes the old ones aren't the best ones.

Happy St Patricks's Day to you too, DG.

Mags, I think the Americans started St.Patrick's day as it is... so.. er... there you go then.

(I did have a point but it's gone).

Never mind Gordon you probably drank it. I was going to moan about all the green Paddy references and assorted sterotypical jibes .but ah well pearls n swine i guess...

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