please empty your brain below

I think Diamond Geezer day may be made up ...

Maybe Debster.. but worth suppporting I'm sure you'll agree.... I shall tell everyone I meet today about it

I'm guessing that it's TOAST (Obesity awareness) and Mini Roundabout safety week

All the others look like eminently suitable causes!

PS Is your blog 99\\% fat free?

Mini - Roundabouts eh? That website you linked to makes me wonder just how stupid drivers are.

I'm a learner, not far off taking my test, and find mini roundabouts one of the simplest things to negotiate.

But I can find no reference on the website about a "safety week". Yes, I'm ashamed to say, I did read most of that website

I like the idea (ho ho) of an ideas day, but honestly, whose stupid idea was it to put it on a Monday? I mean really.

TOAST is real? Oh dear lord. The fact that most people will think they are a joke is probably not the best for their attempts to publicise themselves.

Happy Steak and BJ day!

Results: the three fakes were...
• Water Conservation Week
• Mini Roundabout Safety Week (shame)
• the last one

Are you *sure* about water conservation week? It sounds far too familiar...

I Googled for water conservation week (and similar phrases) and found nothing convincing. Definitely not this week anyway.

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