please empty your brain below

I tend to read blogs with breakfast - so I'm just there to catch up in what is a limited time available. Stopping to read links is something that I do only if the link has a particular interest.

Ooohh so you're watching us watching you then....spooky.

Anyway I only clicked on the link to Tom's quiz from your site because it was easier than calling up my Random Reality "favorite" [sic], as I tend to visit both in succession at lunchtime.

*Blows raspberry and wishes she wasn't being analysed*

track and trace? have you ever worked for the post office, dg?


Does it still count as a "click" if you right-click->open in new window? I do that on most links out of habit. And I at least hover over them to see what they are, even if I don't follow them...

dg writes: I've just checked, and right-click->open in new window still counts.

..and we'll be interested to see whether the MyBlogLog link fared better than your average link.

Well I will be anyway

dg writes: it's not faring any better at all, at the moment

I second the above. It'll be interesting to see if bold links are more popular, but then I suspect you did that on purpose.

Now I feel much better about very rarely providing any links. They're so last year, dahlings.

Could be as well that your readers have already read some of the pages you are linking to or from a quick hover see the address and either plan to get back to it at a later date or know that the chances are the link will be filtered if reading from work.

Personally, I usually go to DG's blog to read what he says rather than visit his links. It's a sort of an end in itself rather than a stopping off point before somewhere else. Erm, a bit like Mill Hill East, if that makes any sense.

I agree with the above anyway i clicked on a couple just to prove his point

Well, I like your links, even if other people are too busy! Thank you for all the trouble you take.


h) Writing a post about clicking on links makes you click on links more often

Evidence: Here's yesterday's Top 3 most clicked-on links:

1) appropriate (25 clicks)
2) (21 clicks)
3) interesting (19 clicks)

...which are also the three most-clicked-on links of the whole of last week.

what are your best and worst links overall (since you started keeping a record of that kind of thing)?

dg writes: the three links listed above are also the Top 3 of the whole of last week

of course worse could mean a whole slew of zero-rated links... maybe just stick with the best.

I appreciate your linking style; I usually treat this sort of links in the same manner as citations/footnotes in academic works: providing source or supplementary material to the main text. It's good to have them around in case the reader is especially interested in a specific point you've brought up (whether to dispute it, or just to learn more), but I don't see the links as a necessary path. Your entries themselves are the most interesting part as far as my reading is concerned.

You absolutely have to buy that outfit for the next blogmeet you go on

(See, I clicked a link)

You have to allow for the outlier like me - missed the site for a few days and am playing catchup. Hence, I scrolled down the page and cliked links!!!

...not to mention the paranoids who run with Javascript turned off.

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