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Not the Piccadilly line today. I understand some of that's down according to the travel news this morning.

This is just planned weekend closures.
If I included all the unplanned stoppages, delays and closures, the table would be a lot more colourful.

Looks like they've planned the closures using the platform wall tiles from Kings Cross. There should be some chewing gum bottom right, 3rd tile along [juicyfruit]

I look at your Jubilee and Metropolitan and W&City Line, er, lines in particular, and wonder why they just don't go the whole hog and close them down permanently.

Meanwhile, I note that there are two weekends when both the Central AND District Lines are out of action. This could possibly mean that I'm trapped here in Ealing. Ah well, I suppose that offers a convincing reason not to go out.

Oh, to live 120 miles from London and not have to worry about such things! Oops! Forgot! I do...

DG, if you included unplanned ones then they'd be planned, right? Or, you'd have to be psychic.

I shall wallow in my superiority at being nearest a Piccadilly line station. :O) Of course you can't get to Heathrow T4 at the moment - not sure if you'd call that planned engineering work or not.

Planned engineering work, yes.
Weekend closure, no.

Hail to the Piccadilly Line! It may need its seats cleaning, and have no time information boards out at the north end, but at least it runs. And has some super 30's stations.

All hail the bus, more like it. Am so glad I don't ever take the tube any more.

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