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off topic and hello.
can i ask what quality you used to mp3 your ipod shuffle stuff? 128? did you really get 18 hours of music on it? *vaguely interested in ipod shuffle now*

dg writes: Hello. I used 128 kbps, and I actually got 261 tracks (17 hours and 45 minutes) on there. Quite enough music to lug around.

is Count 10 a count of your sightings of the Queen shopping in Tesco's?

do you count you steps when you walk or just going up and down stairs?

I've got a pedometer but I don't use it any more. I wore it once on a very long walk, got home, went to look at the display... and it reset to zero.

Escalators are so much easier to count.

Well - if you ever feel the need to increase your 'night out' or 'bottle of Becks' totals, just let me know.

dg writes: I've got your number. Three digits, isn't it?

128 is my preferred ratio so now i'm very interested in the ipod shuffle. i never thought it would hold that much. *quivers with excitement*

Is the last thing drinking your birthday bottles?

A mild touch off the topic, but as it's in the comments anyway...

For the cost of a Shuffle just get a Hi-MD mini-disc, then you can have 34 hours of music per disc (at the equivilant of 128kbps)... and need never think "Bah I'm bored of that selection, have to upload another 18 hours worth...." Just stick in another disc with an alternative 34 hours. Plus you can use them as 1Gb hard discs

Do I sound like an owner of said device? Perhaps, but seems a shame not to double your music time and errm double it and errm double it again (and again) with every disk. Oh and the battery life is vastly superior so none of this "18 hours, can only listen to 8" lark.

Just a thought.

I wear a pedometer daily, today was 10,456 steps...I also count things like....ceiling tiles?? lol Love your blog! Have a great week!!

I have a dirty mind. Think I'd best steer clear of guessing what count 10's all about.

(OK, a few guesses: lottery wins; long-lost children turning up on your doorstep; out-of-body experiences; flying pigs ducked; dinners with Michael Gambon; coconut macaroons baked.)

Ooh, I bounce up those Holborn escalators very regularly - twice, as I'm coming from the Picadilly line. I feel slightly smug doing so.

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