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I learned that it's possible to get an IP address temporarily banned by Google for repeated automated searches.

It's possible that all 26^4 4-letter words do appear on the web somewhere, thanks to sites like

But a single page which exhaustively lists them all doesn't seem to be out there at the moment, as you can tell quite easily by looking for a conjunction of a few unlikely combinations, e.g. Google finds no pages searching for UUJU IIYI ZZBZ.

Sequel to the above, it appears that David Rinehart's "All Possible Four-Letter Words (Except One)" may indeed include all but one of them.

I had a similar contest 8 months ago, and someone tried all 4-letter words with no luck:

Thanks - that explains a lot.

This German index page appears to have every single combination of letters on it if you go down deep enough. Thankfully Google doesn't seem to have crawled all of it yet.

You are indeed now appearing on google for that search.

Damn that feisty and quick little spider.

The shortest word not indexed in Google is sort of like the least uninteresting integer. The least uninteresting number is rather interesting, so it cannot be called uninteresting. Try the next largest uninteresting number.

Soon after you post the shortest word not found in Google, than it appears in Google. There is now a new shortest word not found in Google.

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