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Now it all makes sense.... I think I started with 5a and hence missed out on the key character development of the earlier books...

*admits to still having almost a full set*

First book I ever read. A seminal influence.

I never knew I was a guinea pig for these books. I started school in 1964, and they already seemed old hat then.

If I recall, the series continues until it gets (relatively) sophisticated. I'm sure I had one that focussed on Peter and Jane's older cousins who were starting a youth club in some mountains somewhere. Cue fun with painting murals. Personally, I preferred Roger Red Hat and his pals.

I got quite emotional looking at those sites. I had Mick The Disobedient Puppy, Tiptoes The Mischievous Kitten, and Beaky The Greedy Duck! I want to curl up on a sofa with a mug of hot milk and read them.

What is happening to Peter and Jane inside the teepee? Is Peter... being a naughty boy?

There are Jungian undertones throughout the genre. Female archetypes inform the narrative which is constructed around prevailing social norms. There is inherent tension not only in the simple tale-as-allegory but in the very binding that holds it all together. Were it not for the invention of Sellotape in 1937 we might, indeed, be a lost generation - in the literary sense.
*scratches gonads*

It is scary how many Peter and Jane images I recall from the linked sites.

My favourite Ladybird book has to be the 'poetry' featured in Tootles The Taxi and friends.

I was brought up on Janet and John books, which were Anglicised editions of American's Alice and Jerry books. Book one - Here We Go. See the kitten. Come and see. See the kitten Janet. One little kitten.

The illustrations were vividly colourful, reflecting the texture of a prosperous American middle-class reality, at odds with my grey, West London suburban origins.

Did Peter and Jane replace Janet and John?
Fourth bulleted link is broken
Given the link's over 18 years old, I'm not surprised.
I remember Janet and John from before school (too many teachers in my family - dairy farmer dad was an outlier.) Then I went to school and first day met this masterpiece. I still remember the vibrant colours and big letters to this day. I also remember running through it in one sitting and moving on swiftly to 1b....

... then things got real!

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