please empty your brain below

I'm not surprised...

Thanks again Geezer - you've provided a highlight in an otherwise dull working day...

Is that the Bow Triangle? It looks rather familiar, but I usually see it from above - traveling in on the district line.

Yup, that's just outside the Bow Triangle, right next to the District line.

Who's this fake Nic?

Good to see he's a fan anyway

Excellent posts this week, they've been a pleasure to read.

re crossways-ish: I always wondered what the random tunnel the DLR went under near Devons Road was all about. Living upstairs from a chippie is one thing, but living upstairs from a light rail system is something else altogether!

How many of us are there?

Three, it would seem!
(it was meant to be 'another fan by the name of Nico' but it seems I have managed to test the limit of the longest name haloscan is willing to allow in the name box)

This could be a phonomenon.

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