please empty your brain below

And how does it get to be E20? As the "E" post codes are alphabetical (as well you know DG!) should it not have been E16.5? Or have the creators not only invented a new area but also obliterated the real basis of the show (ie: Walthamstow).

I remember that first show though. I was living in my first mortgaged flat in Streatham with a previous girlfriend working in a previous, previous job. I was a faithful Corrie and Brookie watcher in those days so thought I might add 'stenders to the list. It was, I'm glad to say, the first soap to depart my viewing.... I occasionally catch glimpses again now as it is prime viewing for the girls who need to learn how to shout at one another, drop their aitches and be glum apparently.

A lifetime ago it seems....

I've been watching Eastenders pretty much from the beginning. It's gone through a bit of a rough patch but seems to be getting better lately. However what I see on screen has very little to do with the place where I live. I often think the scriptwriters should come and spend a day or two hanging around Stratford station or getting the 25 to Ilford.

Those Bangladeshies get around - everywhere from Bow Road to Bradford!

I know I shouldn't say this, and I know I'll regret it, but after spending quite a few years passing through Bromley-By-Bow station on the District Line, the other week I had cause to actually get off there and walk around the area. Then I had cause to wish myself back on the tube very quickly. Terrible thing to admit, isn't it?

And, um, yes, about as much like EastEnders as Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is like space, frankly.

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