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Why can't you go to the theatre alone?

Just because you don't have anyone to go with shouldn't stop you seeing live performance. You might turn up to the venue alone, but are in an audience of 500+.

I saw 'Festen' on Tuesday night and was very impressed - it certainly lives up to the good reviews. Plus if you are only buying one ticket you can afford to go more often!

once the clock starts working you can sit and watch the hours shuffle by

On the Mathmos brick vs. Oggz I'd have to say I've been there, done that but did find the Oggz worth getting past the already sorta got one obstacle. The Mathmos faze and flip tumblers were almost twice the cost and while beautiful they have had horrible battery performance also. They still work when plugged but after a few minutes in portable mode start flashing annoyingly in an unintentional strobe effect that won't stop for days. A friend threatened to put one I left at his house in a bathtub to stop it.

Oggz on the other hand seem to do well with much better battery performance when portable and I have yet to see a problem after months of use. Also the contrast of mutiple Oggz is lots of fun as they cycle at different speeds. They complement the Mathmos bricks and Aduki well and make for interesting shapes and more backlighting emphasis when set on the bricks.

There is now a next generation Oggz style round lamp called the Mobo3 that adds solid color modes and a slow color cycle blink that's even nicer. I enjoy them most when all the LED morphies are mixed together for a landscape of shapes and shifting colors.

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