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Today's category: something to watch

Forty-quid-ish suggestions below please.

Or maybe something to watch over you: we all spend far too much time at our computers updating our blogs. Most of the time sat at our computers illuminated by the light of the screen (very bad) or illuminated by the light of an overhead artificial light or desklap (which is stil bad.) This suggestion is meant to be responding to the need for something theraputic: an energy-saving desklamp that has been "corrected" to simulate natural daylight (especially designed for peple with SAD - Seasonal Affective Dosorder - i.e. problems due to lack of natural light). Only £39.95.

Something to watch? How about a couple of kittens?

Get some Oggz!

I was given some for my Birthday, they cost £39.99, and I spent hours watching them as they went through their various colour changes. I'm still mesmerised by them now.

It's a little over budget, but Amazon has a complete set of "The Prisoner" for £48.

Aside from other blatantly obvious DVD collections, the idea of some sort of full-spectrum lighting is a good one in this country. Though you'd admittedly be buying it at the wrong time of year.

Dare I suggest it...? A dvd player? They are very good you know, and you'd manage the change to buy a couple of sale price dvds probably as well of you bought a cheap one...

Go to the opera. I went at the weekend, never thought i'd like it and it was fabulous. And the Royal Opera House is an amazing building... and for forty quid you get decent seats plus a pizza with cash to spare.

an expensive clock to watch the time go by. everybody needs one.

But £40 worth of paint, paint your walls, watch them dry...

Hours of fun.

Some bathroom scales, in order to watch your weight. Because once you hit 40, the old metabolism starts changing faster than you can say "could you make it a SKINNY latte this time please?"

(Also, you can then plot your daily weight fluctuations in Excel, and make graphs, and run statistical analyses, and make predictions, and derive standard deviations, and all that stuff.)

mike - you think he doesn't do that already?

I'm loving this feature

How about a small fishtank and a couple of goldfish? You could watch them swimming round and round for hours.

How about a gaggle of geese?

Happy 40th!

You'd be surprised at how much one can watch a WIRELESS ELECTRONIC WEATHER STATION as the temperature fluctuates through the day. Never mind knowing *exactly* how cold it is inside/ outside; you may find yourself making very precise temperature-based decisions that are exactly the same as they were before you knew the exact temperature. stocks Wireless Temperature Stations model# WS7013 or WS7034 at a price of 24.95; add a second temperature sensor for 14.00. If you can deal with a display that looks like a 1980s digital watch for a giant arm.

How about a London Duck Tour? It's actually what a friend suggested for my 40th birthday, and 6 of us booked up. I particularly like diving into the Thames next to MI5! Two tickets cos 33 quid, but if you can get 2 for 1 here...

I hope that URL works!

Some Sea Monkeys. You can watch the the little critters from this posh executive tank for just £14.99;

Just don't put the sea monkeys in first and the water purifier second like we did... whoops.

Blake's 7 dvd set - you cant get either series one or two on dvd now. For about £40.

'Festen' at the Lyric, Shaftesbury Avenue.

How about a 'lava lamp' thingy and a couple of goldfish tho' probably not in with the lava as that would probably bring the chaps from the RSPCGF round sharpish.........

You don't seem the sort of person who could keep a couple of goldfish alive for long so how about a videotape or DVD of tropical fish swimming around randomly. I'm sure they must exist and leave you change for fish food you'll never use.

Pair of binoculars. A google search gives 8,260,000 hits, they can't all be idiots. Then again 'american' gets 319,000,000. Weird how they always turn out round numbers, isn't the world oddly symmetrical.

Or you could buy yourself £40's worth of euros and watch your investment plummet.

A piece of art e.g. painting or small sculpture or such.

Take yourself and some friends t'cinema and go see Garden State. Lovely little film. Still on at a couple of places in London.

£40 - sponsor a third world child? You can watch their progress when you receive updates.

Hire a private detective (not sure how long £40 will get you... couple of hours perhaps?) and then sit staring at him while humming Elvis Costello to yourself.

For 40 pounds, you can buy everything you need to build a Macintosh Aquarium (including an ancient busted Mac).

It's a fun DIY project and you get both fish to watch and a conversation piece when you have company over.

Any box set of West Wing DVDs.

Alternatively, one of these and one of these.

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