please empty your brain below

Excellent post DG.

I often see Glenda Jackson doing her weekly shop in Tesco's Lewisham

Danny Baker was shopping in Sainsbury's (Greenwich Peninsula Branch) on Thursday and Barbara Dickson always used to shop in Tescos in Streatham.

I seem to have a talent for spotting Tory politicians. I've managed Michael Portillo, Douglas Hurd and Stephen Norris (on the tube no less, but leaning against the holding pole in the middle, so he loses courtesy points). Anyone care to raise me a Boris Johnson?

you appear to have a good eye at recognising people, DG, whereas i am absolutely useless. i've met neil kinnock (farewell do, so it wasn't difficult) but have yet to notice kilroy-silk or mandleson. as mandleson deals with trade i'm sure i'll bump into him sometime before his time's up and surely it can't be difficult to miss the tanned one.

I was once sandwiched between John Major (to my right of course) and Desmond Tutu, all three of us using a urinal.

Jokes about where the big knobs hang out etc.

It wasn't exactly an ordinary day for me.

For a year I used the bus stop outside(approximately) the house of the reknown blogger D.Geezer.

erm...I don't think I ever saw him.

I feel so stupid.

>as mandleson deals with trade i'm sure >i'll bump into him sometime before his >time's up


He's highly litigious you know...

I tend to bump into celebrities in toilets. Ryan Adams, Jeremy Hardy, the late Alan Bates, and Euros Childs (the lead singer of Gorkys Zygotic Mynci, who acidentally barged into my cubicle).

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