please empty your brain below

There's a roman post outside St. Magnus Church, close to London Bridge, of which it is variously claimed that it is from the old Roman London Bridge or a wharf.

I used to workat the white Gestapo-headquarters like building on the north side of London Bridge in your photo, around the corner from the Monument. It always used to break my heart that this stunning column was stuck ignominiously in the middle of a nondescript area of paving hemmed in by a number of uninspiring (and sometimes plain 'orrible) office buildings so that it is impossible to get a clear view of the top without (a) breaking your neck or (b) walking out either into the middle of the road or someone's lobby. It deserves a square like Nelson.

Nothing to do with this post but, you should put a permanent link to your forum on the right hand bar. Just a thought ...

Excellent stuff, thoroughly enjoying this series! If ever there was a time to write a book, this is it.

Are you coming down the A202 tomorrow to see off the 36? (consulted my A-Z for that - north of Hyde Park Corner it's the A4202!)


I did my personal 36 farewell back in December. I'll trust your write-up of tomorrow's sad event in this case.

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