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Curses! If this had happened after the passing of the Digital Economy Bill, you could have had Iain and Guido both disconnected from the internet for file-sharing.

"someone called DiamondGeezer" . . . is the man COMPLETELY ignorant!

I think soemthing's got lost here... the message they were using the photo for is *so* true. Maybe not if you're a Labout supporter though...

But, as I always say, if you put stuff on the ionternet expect to get it nicked. It's like going out and not locking your front door and expecting to come home and find everything as it was when you went out. Creative Commons Licenses are pretty much unenforceable. And the situation is only going to get worse in the future.

Great r/t typo BW, great typo ;)

I'm confused. Since when does the government intervene in strikes against private businesses running non-essential services? BA doesn't have a monopoly on any routes and it was widely publicised that there was an upcoming strike. I'm also not sure how it's news that unions support the Labour party.

Seriously slow news week or something.

And good job on the photos, dg. :)

Ye Gods! You read Iain Dale over breakfast?!

On a rather dubiously related subject there was a famous "Labour isn't working" campaign back in the 70's or early 80's. One paper had a brilliant cartoon with a big picture of the poster in front of an automated factory and one businessman saying to another with a smile "but the economy is".

Well done DG.

@ Chz, no, not slow week, Tory media attempting to obfuscate the Ashcroft affair, note the shifty Lansley and mouth foaming Starky on QT last night.

BTW to a greater or lesser extent the government do get involved in resolving all disputes, Acas, although an independent body, do a superb and entirely underrated job trying to get parties around the table and talking.

They save the taxpayer millions every year but, of course, you'd never hear about that, it's an example of public sector success, and that just will not do old chap(ess).


On the positive side, the tory bloggers seem to be more responsible than LondonLite, who regularly nicked content from my old blog and never even responded to my emails (must get a twitter account, it seems you're nobody without one). OTOH I'd be spitting feathers if anyone had used one of my pictures to make a peurile (and misleading) political point. Sure, nobody's making any money out of it but this would actually hurt even more.

Nice pictures, by the way.

Good on you for standing up for your principles DG, even though it meant you had to go through all that hassle.

Just to let you know, it's still on Douglas Carswell's blog.
With a "hat tip" to Guido no less!

'"someone called DiamondGeezer" . . . is the man COMPLETELY ignorant!'
My thought exactly!

And no, 'if you put something on the internet you should expect it to get stolen' is not a valid standpoint. Putting something on the internet is publishing, and the law applies. Anyway, it's remarkably generous of people to put their photos and writing up on the net for us to enjoy for nothing, why should we think it's OK to abuse that generosity? It only takes a few moments to give somebody a credit.

I've noticed photos now on Flickr with watermarks through them, expect to see more of that.

No longer on Carswell.

Capability - Iain Dale and Guido both gain income from adverts from their sites, therefore the use is commercial by implication.

Oi! That mocked up poster was rather intentionally ugly...

On a more serious point, watermarks are probably the way to go, if you want to use CC-ND.

I have no intention of uglifying 3000 photos with watermarks. But if people misappropriate one, I have every intention of complaining.

most photos are pedestrian so why get upset.Like it aint nicking from baily is it? And what about stuff youve yaken

I spotted your terminal 5 photo again today, posted on the Tory blog (set up in response to They credit Ian Dale for it.

And this from enthusiasts for the "free market" - you know, where there's a willing seller and a willing buyer, negotiating openly in full knowledge of all material facts......

Or do they have the excuse of teenage overenthusiasm?

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