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Great piece deegee. I now know that I've visited both ends of the A1 in the last 12 months and I never knew that before. I think I prefer the NORTHERN end to the southern. Calton Hill is spectacular - I had my first ever sight of the Forth Rail Bridge from there.

On your route north you've missed out Welwyn Garden City. The finest town in the East and the only new town to be: 1) not ugly (in fact quite beautiful) 2) successful

You could see the A1 from the bathroom window in the house I grew up in (about half a mile from the now demolished Blue Star garage in North Notts, where the A1 turned into the A1(M) for a few miles.)

Ah, the A1 - the route of my childhood from The North to The South. Fond memories of Little Chefs.

As for road numberings, whilst I don't know the details, given that the two main roads where I grew up were the A19 and the A168, both of which were tributaries of the A1, I always assumed that they were the 9th and the 68th off something off the A1 respectiely. Seemed to make sense.

Somewhere between Scotch Corner and Durham is J60 for Sedgefield.

A rather drab section of motorway, distinguished only by being the turning you would use to visit my house.

And the Prime Minister of course.

It ought to be pointed out that the A1 no longer goes along Finchley High Road and Barnet Hill. The Barnet Bypass took it further west towards Hendon.

The old route became the A1000.

Oops, Dave. Consider it changed.

Excellant post as usual Mr. DG

The last mile, or from my perspective the first, has indeed a bit of history associated with it, involving years long protests outside a school that was closed, an impressive view, and an aging sports complex, and more.

If you're ever up this way, I'll only be to glad to show about.

I'm always disapointed they don't have a sign at either end casually telling how many miles it is to the other - although you do pass a few really old ones on the old Great North Road routes. Which is how I know my house is 387 miles from London.

Brilliant stuff dg, as always - I wonder about your mind to be able to come up with projects like this all the time!

Of course, you have made the cardinal mistake of believing the hype... the A1 ENDS in London, rather than beginning. Other than that, usual high quality post blah etc stuff.

Alan - if someone would like to write the Edinburgh-centric version of this series of posts (A1, A7, A8, A9) I'd be delighted to read it.

DG - I was thinking of that, but my internet connection is so sporadic and I usually only get to upload pictures about once a fortnight.. still, might give it a shot at the weekend, it'll keep me off the streets!

(just looked them all up actually - the A9 looks like fun as it seems to start at junction 5 of the M9, and I'd love to do the rest. Let me wait til a Sunny day!)

I'd certainly do it if I still lived there. Might have to use that as an excuse to move back.

I love the costal view between Newcastle and Edinburgh

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