please empty your brain below

I'd have been there if it had been tea at five!

Is there a future for a London Bloggers Forum? Maybe... worth trying I think.

dang, well that rules me out.

< squeak >

Thing is for people who fancy a chat on things there is also the yahoo groups, you simply join one that caters for your special interest, whether it be Pontiac cars or siamese cats or Bob Dylan and off you go with like minded souls.

If you run it, they will come. Nah, just keep it going for a bit. It's not costing anything atm so why not. If it dies it dies, but it may flourish... or some twaddle like that

I thought about a London Bloggers forum for a bit, but I'm not sure that demand will be that high. There is the UKbloggers mailing lists, which are very quiet most of the time (and don't require the drilling down for new content) and there are the forums on the London Bloggers site, which no-one uses.
Like yourself, I prefer blogs, if only because the comments are more focused on a topic.

But... If there was such a thing, I'd sign up for it.

*cough* - strangely quiet. Much like the sister site...

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