please empty your brain below

We were discussing the origin of 'chav' on Christmas Day (as you do) and my father (63), a Kent boy, is positive that the phrase 'chavvy' or 'chav', referring to Chatham, Kent has been around for a long time. Seems like a local word that finally found national fame.

PS DG - be very happy, glad and proud that you failed to lose pounds.

If I'd known I was supposed to be judging (3) I'd have brought my white gloves...

Six visitors this year? Blimey, I've had six in six years. And that includes my parents. Twice.

December is not yet over and "Lemony Snicket" looks a safe bet. Get down your local multiplex before Friday night is over.

I noticed that the French chavs wear Louis Vuitton caps rather than burburrys.
Going to Blackheath/Lewisham t'row. Not been this far East in London before. Any suggestions/ things worth seeing?

You want to check out Inspector Sands' blog for stuff about Blackheath.
Me, I recommend Blackheath Point (and I don't recommend Lewisham at all).


You managed to epnd a whole 93p in Oxford street? You've done better than you think young man.

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