please empty your brain below

At risk of being a spoilsport, I think it's the Piccadilly and District ones that are true. And they'll be doing it on Christmas Eve, apparently.

How glad I am that I won't be commuting to London by then (if at all)

Piccadilly line because of driver going through red light

All the drivers on all lines are striking because the management haven't agreed to their perfectly reasonable demands that they only work when there isn't an 'a' in the day.

I think its the Picadilly and District line ones, although from the shite I hear Bob "All Out" Crowe spouting I fancy that the Central line one fits any rail strike scenario. The man is taking the Union movement back to the Scargill days that effectively murdered it in the first place. GJ

Replace all the drivers with computers, it is the only way.

It works with the DLR...

The wages and benefits given to LU drivers are incredible, ungrateful bastards.

I'm with Grocerjack. I'm a supporter of the unions in general, but whenever I see Bob Crow I suddenly feel like Margaret Thatcher, wanting to personally hang the horrible little man from the nearest lamp-post.

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