please empty your brain below

Very well put.

By the way - you spelt "periforal" wrong - but I prefer the way you spelt it.

TOTP - Zindabaad!

(Long live TOTP!)

i used to love watching TOTP on thursday nights, with the unforgettable music by led zepplin at the beginning and end.

memories ...

Yeah, what you said. Seconded.

I didn't realise that TOTP was still on...

TOTP, for me, was always the place where you could point and laugh at some semi-famous plonkers miming to their own songs. It always was ridiculous, at pretty much every stage of its conception, and to be honest I don't think anyone's going to miss the latest incarnation in the slightest. Does anyone here even watch it anymore? *nods to blue witch*

I'll always remember New Model Army performing the anti-drug anthem No Rest on TOTP in 85. They sang live, and all wore T-shirts with "Only Stupid Bastards Use Heroin", the middle word of which the Beeb in their wisdom made them cover up. But the performance was so energetic that it - and a friend lending me Hatful of Hollow the same spring - changed my musical world...

TOTP has been shite for as long as I can remember... Can't believe it's still clinging on. It's the geriatric bedblocker of the TV schedules.

Fabulous post. I agree with all ten points. It just shows the difference in relative importance between music today and when TOTP was in its prime. GJ

Of course you can sing along with number 1s these days! They're always covers of the songs we sang along with first time round.

zed said "unforgettable music by led zepplin at the beginning and end."

Although it was a Zep song, it was performed by CCS. I bought the single at the time and, for a cover, it is excelent.

I didn't watch TOTP all those years ago because I hadn't yet been formulated as a person or even a plan (presumably of course).

However, I have just found the site and reading through it has certainly passed the time at work this morning.

Top work!

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