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I wonder why I write my tips for money saving on BW - Kylie for £8.24. Along with all other chart CDs, by using the link mentioned here.

But I want my Kylie CD now, not arriving in my letterbox (assuming the postman doesn't steal it) on Tuesday 7th December.

And there was me thinking that you'd never succumb to commercialism. I guess it must be something about Kylie?

It's not about commercialism, it's all about living somewhere where the shops are much much better than the postal service.

Well, to review briefly:

Passport - hang on, I thought you didn't holiday?

Kylie - it is a truth universally acknowledged that a person buying Ultimate Kylie needs to broaden their musical listening. A lot.

The route to successful consumerism is stimulating demand. What you need is a mentor who can guide you in the main areas. Can i suggest mike @ troubled hyphen diva?

Passport - not every trip abroad is a holiday.

Kylie - purchasing this album might just be part of my musical breadth.

As for mike, it looks like he's noticed already...

Kylie???? Hmmm, not sure I want to comment on that. I always get my CDs cheap from - they come all the way from Hong Kong in four days (even the Post Office can't manage that with the national post!).

Nice blog, by the way.

Nothing wrong with Kylie, a necessary part of any music collection belonging to someone with truly broad tastes, as opposed to anti-commercial tastes, well done dg for standing up and being counted.

Why are broad tastes considered superior to narrow tastes?

I quite admire someone that says: "I only like THIS, and THIS, and nothing else, but I love it with a passion."

My ex ITV-Digital box died last week too... Nokia 9850 box! Ordered a new nokia 221 box for 79.99

I've just spunked (technical term) 250-odd quid this very lunchtime on a 20GB iPod and some non-iPod headphones. (Those white wires scream mug me.)

I prefer to No idea why as they're basically the same. Great to see them struggling for something to say while flogging their godawful tat and Korean-sweatshop mountain bikes.

i'm spending more on pills these days.

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