please empty your brain below

You need a DVD recorder and a clever VHS to DVD transcription thingy then you can spend hours transmogrifying all your tapes to DVD. I can sell you a trained gerbil if you can't spare the time. 30 years is a long time after all. Better make that an ExtendaGerbil.

You run a cable from your VHS to your new DVD recorder, press 'Play' on the VHS, and 'Record' on the DVD. 'Treasure Hunt' collection saved.

Audio Cassette? What's one of those then?

Hmm, time to copy my porn tapes to DVD then......GJ

I share your despair. The copying project could take me decades all by itself. Then there won't be time to watch the hundreds of currently unwatched videos once I've transferred them to DVD - and then they'll have invented some other format. And then I'll be dead.

Hmmm, DG: I thought you said "I don't consume"?

I may not consume (much), but surely buying a spare video recorder has got to be tons cheaper in the long run than buying everything again on DVD?

I don't see how they can phase out video recorders when people have so many videos (and you can't record on a DVD, well not unless you want to spend a fortune on a recordable machine, which I don't particularly).

I think its all a sneaky marketing ploy to get you to buy VCRs in bulk. But then, they said they'd never phase out LPs didn't they - now we're all left with these black plastic discs that nobody can play (when was the last time you saw a record player? ... ah, memories).

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