please empty your brain below

A great blog idea Mr DG.

Glad to hear your mum's doing well.

This post was a fabulous idea, although on the basis of my responses you're either not as abnormal as you think, or I'm not normal either. Therefore, I look forward to the results with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation.

Hope your mum gets on ok, as long as she avoids that MRSA stuff!
As for your yourself being 'not normal', well don't fret. your'e actually:
"Weirdly eccentrically normal!".

I think the thing is that 'not-normals' flock together.

Hope your Mum is up and about soon.

Glad that your mum's doing okay.

And, uh, what exactly does 'normal' mean, anyway?

Surprised how much your commenters mirrored your own positions. Echo posturing?

Hope your mum is on the mend, nobody is normal so dont worry about it.

As my ex said: "You're not normal, and none of your friends are normal either." Which I took as a compliment of course, and left him.

"Pop artist's law" states that if you try to put items into succinct groups then you eventually end up with as many groups as you had items.
In other words, nothing is normal (apart from a line at right angles...).

I don't think reading other people's diaries on an electronic screen-type thing in the wee small hours is normal either, so I think we're all in the same boat!

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