please empty your brain below

See, I told you I'd wait and do the anniversary on the proper day.

I won nothing on that first draw either. In celebration I haven't bought a ticket since....

I'll add a funding success:
- Course in d0wsing for Witchy, £276.

Keep buying the tickets people, because we don't [we've therefore won £540 - £32 we lost in the first year - (52 weeks at £1 minus the £20 we won) = £508]

I used to play most weeks and used the same numbers every time. One Saturday, when I failed to buy a ticket, three of my numbers came up and I cursed a bit. Thinking that it wouldn't happen again so soon, I didn't bother buying one for the following Wednesday draw, either. Another three numbers. The next Saturday, nothing and a quid down the drain. *sigh*

Thankfully, I soon went to live in Germany and broke the habit. I only rarely buy a ticket now and then it's always a lucky dip so I can't get back into the habit again.

Of course, with my head for numbers I can still remember the selection I used to play and wait with baited breath every Saturday night hoping that they don't come up.

I've never bought a ticket, but on the one occasion I was given one as a Christmas "stocking filler", I won £10.

Is this a record?

I've never won a penny. Why oh why do I keep buying the sodding tickets? I don't know...

So, from the odds of winning section, if we multiply the probability of winning by the typical amount won, then on average you get back from your pound:

14.3p from 6 numbers
4.3p from 5 + bonus
2.7p from 5 numbers
6.3p from 4 numbers
17.5p from 3 numbers

About 45p in all. Interesting that most of the payouts are the tenners that keep people thinking it's worth it, and the jackpot that keeps them starry-eyed.

Joy of Six, the poetry ensemble I'm a member of, are grateful recipients of some of the 55p you didn't get back!

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